B2B e-commerce trends 2019

Every year Sana Commerce lists the B2B e-commerce trends. This year they did this again and we see some very interesting trends in the article!

Technology continues to add convenience to our lives. Manual tasks are made more efficient and give us new ways to communicate, learn, shop and have conversations.
For some new technologies, they need some time to penetrate our daily routines. For other technologies, on the other hand, they have become indispensable in our lives within no time.
In this article, among others, the following trends are discussed:
  • The increasing share of younger buyers means 'digital first' in B2B e-commerce.
  • Voice search will make its appearance.
  • B2B starts embracing the online market places.
  • B2B focuses on fast order processing.

Unfortunately, the full article is only available in Dutch. But since Google's translations are usually not very far off, you're able to read and understand it anyway. Good luck!

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