​Brexit information

The tension is increasing and we seem to be heading for a so-called hard Brexit. So much will change for all of us in the coming months.

Freight forwarders are already busy looking at what adjustments have to be made to make the customs handling as easy as possible. This also means that you have to solve a number of questions because the European rules for guarantee and return policy may no longer apply in the next year. Or what about the incoterms? Who will pay the import duties and VAT later: you or your customer? And if you have sorted all that out, the key question comes: who will implement customs formalities? Due to the long-standing luxury position of free trade within the EU, the available customs knowledge may no longer be completely up to date.
Transsmart is also talking to all carriers and looking for better solutions. Take a look at the website of partner Sponc, for example. They are working hard on a customs platform for MKB-Nederland. A nice alternative or nice basis to (partly) take care of customs formalities yourself!