English newsletter 01-2018

New: Transsmart introduces the Smartlabel

Transsmart has developed a new feature: it is now possible to add additional information to your label. Such as an internal barcode, own references or, as in the example above, images/logos.

If a carrier uses a standard 10x15 CM label we can print additional information on the label for you. If you use a 10x21 CM label there is 6 CM of additional space to add information. The possibilities always have to be assessed together with your carrier(s). For more information and specifications, please contact us and enquire about the possibilities.


MyTranssmart has been launched!

We are proud to announce that Transsmart’s new platform MyTranssmart has been launched! The first few customers have already, succesfully, got to know MyTranssmart. This month we will start informing the next group of customers who can start using MyTranssmart. This will be done in stages. We will notify you as soon as you can make the switch to our new platform! As you expect from us, we ensure that the switch goes as smoothly as possible for you and we will support you when needed.


Celebrate the new year with Transsmart

Friday January 12, we will toast to a successful 2017 and to an even more successful 2018 for us all. After the toast you can have nice chat with each other and with us, in this informal setting. And, as usual within our Transsmart culture, lunch is again a delicious, greasy bite. If you would like to come and have this toast with us, please register here.



Invoice control

The Freight Audit feature for carriers Airhunters and van den Heuvel has been completed. You can now activate invoice control with these carriers. Interested in this feature? Please contact your account manager at Transsmart or send a message to support@transsmart.com