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MyTranssmart: renewed customer portal

In the last few months we have been working hard on to renew our customer portal. We have named this portal 'MyTranssmart' and it will replace the existing portals. It is easier to work with, faster than before and more booking information is available. We combined the best of both worlds into one new platform!

We are nearing completion and the first few clients will start using the platform this month. Starting this December, will approach our clients for the rollout. You will hear form us very soon!

Did this information make you curious? And would you like to be one of the first to use the platform and provide us with feedback? Then sign up here.

ICT & Logistiek 28-30 november 2017

Transsmart will be hosting knowledge sessions daily from 10:15 - 10:45 at the ICT & Logistics fair. We will do this together with our partners SANA Commerce, HSO and Buck Consultants. Come visit us!

  • How do I optimize the shipping proces in my webshop? | 28 november | Transsmart & Sana Commerce
  • End to end efficiency improvement in wholesale | 29 november | Transsmart & HSO
  • Control tower trends from multinational to SME | 30 november | Transsmart & Buck Consultants International

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Additional support in holiday season

It won't be long until the holiday season starts. December is one of the busiest moments of the year. Orders will flow in and you must do your utmost best to get all orders out in time. For many clients, this results in working overtime or extra shifts. To support you in the best way possible, you can make use of our temporary additional support service. With this service you can reach us outside of office hours (24/7 if desired) in case of calamities. This way we help you to get the orders out correctly and quickly. Interested? Please contact us by December 1st so we can review your wishes.

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NOX nachtexpress Germany GmbH

Transsmart has set up a manifesting connection with NOX nachtexpress Germany GmbH.
This is a German carrier for parcel delivery within EU-countries like the Benelux, England, Poland, France and Hungary. Besides night delivery NOX Germany also offers day delivery options. Interested in this connection? Please contact us.

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ICT&Logistics | 28 - 30 november 2017

This year we will be joining the fair with our IMCC-partners: Buck Consultants, HSO, IDS, MPO, Sana Commerce & Slimstock. Feel free to visit us and our informative sessions.

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