The new Transsmart Connect Module for Magento – by Bluebird Day

Commissioned by Transsmart, Bluebird Day developed the Transsmart SmartConnect module for Magento in 2018. When Magento 2.3 was announced, it was clear that this module would not be compatible, so a new module would have to be built. At that time we decided to transfer the module to Bluebird Day so that they can continue to actively develop it.

Why Bluebird Day?

We believe that Bluebird Day can support you better than we can. Bluebird Day is in fact a Magento partner. In addition, we have been working together for years to realize integrations between Magento and Transsmart. They have been involved from the start. We are therefore confident that the module is in good hands!

Available for Magento 2.3

Since August 1, 2019, the new Transsmart Connect Module from Bluebird Day is available for Magento 2.3; both for Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. Two new versions of the module have been developed:
  • Bluebird Day Transsmart Checkout
  • Bluebird Day Transsmart Book & Print
These modules are compatible with the latest version of Magento 2.2 and 2.3. They will also be kept compatible with the latest 2 minor versions.

What are the benefits of the module?

With the Bluebird Day Transsmart Connect modules you connect Magento 2 directly with more than 400 carriers and with the Magento table rates you determine which shipping options (and possibly costs) you show in the checkout. You can also display pick-up locations of multiple carriers and your own locations (or those of your customers) in the checkout.
The integration between Magento and the module also ensures that you can create and book your shipments and print the labels directly from your Magento backend. But this can of course also be done later in the process via Transsmart from your ERP or WMS.
Bluebird Day offers the Transsmart Connect Module in subscription form and that also has a big advantage: the modules are updated twice a year without additional costs! So you can always use the most recent features and updates without worry and without extra costs.
Bluebird Day also offers you free support with the implementation of the module.

More information or questions?

Feel free to contact Transsmart. We are happy to tell you which options and benefits the module offers you. We are available for all ins and outs of the Transsmart Connect Module via: or 088-126 0302.