(Never) time to relax…

All of our Transsmart colleagues work very hard throughout the entire year to enable our customers to enjoy an optimal shipping process! Over the past few months, the pressure has increased considerably due to a large stream of new customers and projects, which we all wanted to get up and running in the shortest possible time. Meanwhile, a number of large projects have been completed, including that for customer Fatboy.

Partner Asecom has developed a new interface for Fatboy for the SAP environment. Transsmart managed this transition.

To thank all colleagues for their enormous dedication, the management of Transsmart and Fatboy came up with a unique present so that everyone can literally start relaxing:

a Fatboy Original Outdoor for everyone, to go and relax in the summer sun!

It was very exciting, because how do you ensure that a delivery of 30 bean bags goes unnoticed for all colleagues... But we did it! Last Monday we were able to surprise our colleagues with this fantastic gift. And meetings in the office will also be very relaxed from now on. Thanks Fatboy!