New e-commerce system integration: Buckles

Buckles is a new player in the field of e-commerce order processing.

Integrations, no feeds

Unlike other parties, Buckles does not focus on one-sided feeds, but on real integrations that work together. The service lies in streamlining and automating your order processing. Because let's be honest, that often takes time enough.
To achieve this, Buckles develops integrations with various e-commerce software packages. All order data is retrieved in real time and placed in Buckles, if the external platform allows it. This results in three advantages:
  • Overview: you have a direct overview of your orders and can view their status from a central platform. You also receive alerts when an order cannot be processed.
  • Connect new sales accounts: you can easily add new shops to Buckles. These orders are included in your scheduled order processing. Stock is automatically updated (via Buckles) in all connected shops.
  • Flexibility: you can use the mapping system to apply extra rules to selected orders, for example if you use different EAN codes between platforms, or if you want to check orders with certain EAN codes manually.

An example from practice

You are an entrepreneur with a Shopify, and Amazonshop, you let Transsmart print your labels and ship your orders from your own warehouse with various carriers. The abandoned checkouts of Shopify are converted into an external marketing suite. You notice that track&trace codes are not always accurately adopted in your shops. In addition, your abandoned checkouts are only placed in the marketing suite once a day. All in all a lot of time that you have to put into control and manual actions.
That's why you decide to start using Buckles. The integrations with your shops retrieve your orders, pass on stock changes to connected platforms, and place the order in your Buckles dashboard. For each order a label is created directly through Transsmart, so you can print and ship it. Once your shipment has been scanned by the carrier, the active T&T code is fed back from Transsmart to Buckles. The shop integrations ensure that this code is fed back into the external platforms. Abandoned checkouts are sent to Buckles as soon as they are detected by Shopify. The marketing suite receives this data from Buckles in real-time, and can respond to it immediately.
The summary
All data is in the right place at the right time, and you don't have to do anything at all. Except when Buckles sends you an email alert, because someone didn't enter their zip code at Shopify. This way you can see how Buckles as a central dashboard works to your advantage.


The rates are clear. You pay € 50,00 excl. VAT per month, per connection. If you don't want to use a connection anymore, simply turn it off. There are no premium plans or limited accounts: as a Buckles customer, you have access to all functionalities.


Do you want to learn more about Buckles, and do you want them to take care of your integrations? Sign up at, or contact your account manager at Transsmart.