SaaS Escrow – risk management

SaaS Escrow, what is it?

Back in the days, when you went to purchase software, you received a CD with which you could install this software. If something went wrong with the supplier, the software remained available locally, at least until the end of your license. And if you had an Escrow agreement, you were given a code with which your software always remained available.

Right now, the cloud era has been around for a while. You no longer install the software that you purchase, but you use it in the cloud, in real-time. We call this "SaaS", Software as a Service.

The product can change every day and because you work from the cloud, you always work with the most recent version. That is of course a fantastic development! But if something goes wrong at the supplier side, the software is no longer available. This can be overcome with "SaaS Escrow".
SaaS Escrow is a combination of legal and technical solutions that ensure the continuity of the online application used.

In other words: suppose your SaaS supplier fails due to unfortunate business causes, then with a SaaS Escrow agreement you are assured that you can continue your processes. You continue to have access to the application and your data.

Transsmart & Escrow

Transsmart has a partnership with Escrow4all. This organization offers SaaS Escrow agreements for the software that we offer.

We started this cooperation because we consider our customers to be very important. We are aware that our delivery management software is an important part of your shipping process. And when this process would stop completely your organization is in big trouble.

Of course we certainly do not assume that we will end up in a situation where you have to rely on your Escrow agreement, but we think it is important that you at least know about the option to have this form of risk management.

Escrow4all’s agreement

Together with our partner Escrow4all we have drawn up an agreement with associated general terms and conditions. Are you interested in an agreement? Then contact Timo van Ling of Escrow4all. You will find his contact details below.


Do you have questions about Escrow? Please reach out to Timo.