ShipIT 3.0 has been released

Last month ShipIT 3.0 was released, which replaced version 2.0.

What is ShipIT?
Several years ago, idyn and Transsmart developed a connection between Transsmart's shipping software and Dynamics NAV. This resulted in ShipIT.

What is new with version 3.0?

  • Discontinuation of Transsmart Bridge: the additional program needed to run the system is no longer necessary from now on
  • Ability to make reports per transport order
  • Sales return orders have been added to the document types
  • Transfer orders have been added to the document types
  • The problem with special characters has been resolved (é, ö, etc.)
  • Both the pick up location and the shipping address can be a person, store or location
  • Possibility to enter a transport order without actually booking int
  • Addition of the field Delivery Note Lines
  • Other small bugs from version 2.0. have been fixed

Would you like to receive the extended specifications of ShipIT 3.0?

Download the specifications here. In case of any questions please reach out to your contactperson at Transsmart or idyn.