Transsmart supports Alpe d’HuZes / KWF (cancer foundation)

In the Netherlands alone, around 116,000 people get cancer every year. That's 13 people per hour. Did you know this? Such a high number!

So it is clear that sooner or later everyone will have to deal with this disease: it can occur within your family, your group of friends, your colleagues or perhaps, unfortunately, you have it yourself.

Cancer affects everyone. Transsmart too…

The latter also applies to one of our colleagues. So when we asked our team which charity we want to support this year, the answer was unanimous: KWF! The Dutch Cancer foundation.
To the question "why do you think this charity is important?" We received the following responses from colleagues:
  • "My girlfriend and father-in-law both had cancer last year"
  • "Our colleague is now fighting this disease"
  • "In my immediate area there are 5 women with breast cancer"
  • "It feels like a nice gesture for our colleague"

And so on…

The Transsmart team consists of a group of very nice and involved people. A close-knit group. As colleagues, we naturally help each other when necessary. But if something is wrong, you will be flooded with messages from your colleagues. And everyone does this on their own, voluntarily.


Those who receive the messages experience this as something very special. But actually we all think it's very normal; it's a natural thing you just do. Take, for example, that dear colleague of ours who is now fighting cancer. As much as we would like to help and support her, we can do nothing else for her than send an occasional message or send a bouquet of flowers on behalf of all colleagues. We are powerless.


Carrier Versteijnen, one of our partners, told us that they are also dealing with colleagues, family members and friends with a form of cancer. And there too they feel powerless. To be able to do something, a team of Versteijnen colleagues decided to participate in Alpe d’HuZes. We think that is a great initiative and we would like to give them a helping hand!


Transsmart donates € 1,500,- to the Versteijnen team. The entire amount will be spent on scientific research into cancer and on improving the quality of life of people with cancer by Alpe d’HuZes / KWF.

Perseverance & strength

With this donation we want to support everyone who, in whatever way, has to deal with cancer. In addition, we wish the Versteijnen team good luck, motivation, perseverance and strength during Alpe d’HuZes!

And about the colleague from Transsmart: she keeps being so strong, happy and enthusiastic! We are convinced that she will overcome the disease. And we can't wait until she's back in our office!