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Using SmartConnect, you can actively support the checkout of your web shop including the pick-up and delivery options that your clients demand from you. The entire module is built according to Magento 2 standards.

Checkout support

Using SmartConnect, you directly link your hauliers to your web shop from Magento 2 and you determine which shipment options (and/or any costs) you want to show in the checkout. You can show all the pick-up locations of the various hauliers in a single overview in the checkout, so that your clients can choose which haulier should deliver the package.

Delivery & pick-up locations

SmartConnect is seamlessly incorporated in Magento’s menu for sales and shipments. The configuration enables the definition of the pick-up and delivery options per store view. This in turn enables the active support of the checkout, including information about pick-up points, opening times and transport costs.

Generating, booking and printing shipments

Using only a few clicks, orders will be processed in the Sales module per item or per batch into shipments. Shipments can be generated and possibly booked and printed immediately. It is also possible to generate partial deliveries and returns in Magento 2.

Track & Trace

Track & Trace information can be retrieved from the booking and made available in Magento 2, so that this information can be sent to your clients according to the Magento standards. If required, Transsmart can also take care of Track & Trace emails to your clients. The Track & Trace link and the status feedback of each shipment are available in Magento 2 at all times.

More information or questions?

Please contact the experts of Transsmart. Send an email to or call +31 (0)88 1260302. We are always willing to assist you.

Meer informatie of vragen?

Meer informatie over SmartConnect vindt u in ons productsheet:

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Interesse in of aanvullende vragen over SmartConnect? Neem dan contact op met de experts van Transsmart. Stuur een mail naar: of bel ons via 088 126 0302. We helpen u graag verder!

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