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Transsmart Connect Module for Magento - by Bluebird Day

With the Transsmart Connect Module, the connection between Magento 2.3 and Transsmart, you can actively support the checkout of your webshop with the collection and delivery options that your customer requires from you. The module is fully compliant with the Magento standards. It is built by our partner Bluebird Day and is also managed by them.

Checkout support

With the Transsmart Connect Module you connect your carriers directly from Magento 2 to your webshop and you are able to determine yourself which shipping options (and possibly costs) you want to show in the checkout.
You can show all pick-up locations, those of your carriers and your own, in the checkout so your customer can choose which carrier the package will be delivered with and where to.

Delivery & pick up locations

The module is seamlessly built into the sales and shipping menu of Magento 2. In the configuration it is possible to define the collection and delivery options per storeview. This allows you to actively support the checkout with information about pick-up locations, opening times and shipping costs.

Create, book & print shipments

In the Sales module, orders per piece or per batch are processed into shipments in just a few clicks. Shipments are created here and possibly immediately booked and the label printed. It is also possible to make partial deliveries and return orders in Magento.

Track & Trace

The track & trace information is retrieved when booking and is made available in Magento 2, so that it can be sent to your customers via Magento standards.
If desired, the Transsmart Connect Module can also provide the track & trace e-mail to your customers. The track & trace link and status feedback of every shipment is available at all times in Magento 2.

More information or questions?

For all ins and outs of the Transsmart Connect Module, contact Transsmart via +31 (0)88-126 0302 or

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