Ongoing Warehouse Management Systems

Ongoing Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a web-based, flexible and easy to use Software as a Service for 3PL, Logistics providers and E-commerce. Ongoing WMS is fast and cost efficient to start up, since it does not involve long and expensive contracts. Rather, Ongoing Warehouse charges a monthly fee per user, which means that you can begin with using the system at a small scale - and then expand the number of users and clients at the pace you desire.

In addition, the system is easy to integrate with other systems. With an integration between Transsmart and Ongoing WMS, you will have a fully integrated and automated logistics process with many advantageous features. For example, transport bookings can be made directly from Ongoing WMS, which means that all information about a shipment entered into Ongoing WMS can be transferred to Transsmart at the click of a button.

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