Ridder Data Systems develops and supplies ERP software for the customer-order-driven manufacturing industry. From now on it is possible to connect Transsmart's software solutions to Ridder's ERP software. This allows you to simultaneously connect your Ridder iQ ERP system to more than 400 carriers worldwide. The integration ensures that your entire shipping process is automated. Information exchange between both systems takes place automatically, so that you can serve your customers quickly and efficiently.

The integration between both systems is very simple. When creating a new shipment in Ridder iQ, you fill out the fields intended for Transsmart. This data is then sent to Transsmart. Our system will in turn calculate the costs and send the track & trace code back into Ridder iQ. This also applies to identification labels. Any generated labels can be previewed online. Due to the automatic exchange of data, double entry is a thing of the past. This way you are assured of an efficient and smoothly running logistics process.

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